What are the advantages of wireless wifi in the IoT that lead to high demand!

What are the advantages of wireless wifi in the IoT that lead to high demand!

The trend to support multiple connections on a common platform is not limited to wireless broadband.

No one technology can meet all of these requirements, and there are many wireless IoT protocols. iot wifi module may get "consolidated" over time, but there is certainly a need for at least one open, standardized technology for multiple key IoT observation technology profiles. These profiles vary by the level of support for.

1) ultra-low and medium power consumption

2) Remote, local range, very short distances

3) Low data rate and medium data transfer rate

4)Ultra-low latency and low latency

5)Critical and standard availability

6)Unlicensed and licensed spectrum

(Note: Certain enterprise proprietary protocols may impact continued use in public information security or special education environments such as railroads.)

Due to the proliferation of its family of standards, WiFi has the advantage of handling multiple profiles.

Wireless LANs are uniquely positioned to support both broadband and narrowband IoT applications through a common platform that can span different power consumption and signal ranges.5 The next version of the g standard, Release 16, will prioritize IoT-centric features such as sub-4 ms latency and very high availability latency to support the urllc (ultra-reliable low-latency communications) category in Emerging cases.

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